• What type of work does AV Innovative Design perform?

    AV Innovative Design is an AV systems integrator, where we engineer, build, integrate, program, and service custom AV solutions for your business.

  • Where does AV Innovative Design work?

    AV Innovative Design focuses on the New York Metro area, however, we have worked as far west as Seattle, down to Washington DC, and up to Boston. We have the capability to work with our clients across the country, and even internationally.

  • Is AV Innovative Design insured?

    Yes, we are fully insured and we can provide such coverage.

  • Is AV Innovative Design certified to resell and integrate all professional AV products?

    Yes, AV Innovative Design is direct with many manufacturers, and certified to provide products and services for them as well.

  • What size project is AV Innovative Design comfortable performing?

    We are comfortable performing projects as small as hanging an LCD on a wall to larger multi-floor & multi-city deployments for our customers.

  • What payment terms can I expect when dealing with AV Innovative Design?

    In most cases we need to pay our vendors within 30 days, so we expect the same terms with our clients. However, we can discuss terms on a project by project basis and what options we have.

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